Plantino Soya Vanilla

Plantino Soya Classic has a low calorie value and is your best ally in a healthier diet. By consuming Plantino soy protein based drink Classic you reduce the total amount of calories you enter on a daily basis, at the same time bringing in the vitamins, minerals and proteins you need.

Rich in proteins, a source of Calcium and Vitamin D, Plantino soy protein based drink Classic helps maintain the bone structure and in this way helps maintain a healthier lifestyle. It is rich in vitamins B group - B1, B2, B6, B9 and B12 which contribute to normal psychological function and reduce fatigue and exhaustion.

Energy value 245kJ / 58,2kcal
Proteins 3,06 g
Carbohydrates 6,8 g
Fat 2,0 g

Tetra brick 1000ml