„We had a dream ... we all thought the same...“



„Great people in a small space managed to create something... Something red. Sweet and sour. Sometimes hot. Full of vitamins. 100% love!







„For hamburgers and for sandwiches...“




„With hot dogs required...“

„A new beginning ... or just a continuation of a dream“


„For cakes and pastry, for baking and cooking...“



„Thick and creamy, in Light version as well...
with every meal and for all ages. Milky Love“







„With pizza and spaghetti...in a totally new package“


„With meat and fish sticks...“





„New members of our family“







„For the youngest ones“


„Straight from Italy...“

„Love that is shareable... An era of social networks is here and they have become a place for conversation, socialization and sharing of experiences. Polimark is on Facebook!












So creamy! So delicious! 

Polimark Presents