· Did you know that there are black tomatoes? This tomato was developed by Israeli horticulture experts and they called it the „Black galaxy“. Despite its name, this tomato is red on the inside.

· Did you know that China is the number one producer of tomatoes around the world? The U.S. is second.

· Did you know that tomato is actualy a fruit?

· Did you know that eating cooked tomatoes may act as a kind of internal sunscreen? However, eating tomatoes is only a supplement to using sunscreens, it is not a replacement

· Did you know that wine can be made from tomatoes? Wine called „Omerto“ has a golden color and it tastes nothing like tomato. This wine was made according to an old family recipe by a 40-year-old Canadian who has an unusual vineyard. Namely, he’s not growing grapes but several types of tomatoes.

The world’s largest tomato tree was gorwn in the experimental greenhouse at Walt Disney World Resort. It produced over 32.000 in the first 16 months after it was planted, and holds the record for the most tomatoes in a single year, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.