•   CRUST
  •   250g of ground walnuts
  •   250g of sugar
  •   10 egg whites
  •   spoon of ground biscuits


  •   1l Polimark whipped cream
  •   200g of sugar
  •   200g of frozen raspberry’s
  •   50g of cooking chocolate
  •   100ml of milk
  •   5 egg yolks
  •   20g of gelatin


Preparation Time: 120 min

Mix the egg whites with sugar and add grounded walnuts and biscuits. From the mixture, bake 4 crusts on 200°C, 20-25 min. In the heated milk add the egg yolks mixed with sugar, and the cook the yellow filling. In the warm filling add the melted gelatin and mix it well. Mix the Polimark Whipped Cream with sugar, separate one quarter for covering the cake. Separate the filling on 3 parts. One part put aside, in the second add raspberry’s, and in the third add some melted chocolate. On the crust add the chocolate filling, cover it with another crust and add the yellow filling, and add the last crust with the raspberry’s and crust. Cover the cake with Polimark’s Whipped Cream.

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