•   Crust
  •   250g of sugar
  •   7 egg whites
  •   1 spoon of apple vinegar
  •   Cream
  •   1l of Polimark whipped cream
  •   300g cooking chocolate


Crust: Whisk the egg whites with a mixer and slowly add sugar until you get solid cream. When the sugar completely melts add apple vinegar.

Cover a large tray with cooking paper and add the egg whiten cream. Cook it in a 120°C 60-70 minutes.

Cream: Cook 150ml of Polimar Whipped Cream. When it boils, remove it from the stove and mix it until the chocolate melts. Cool it until it reaches room temperature and then put in a fridge. Mix 350ml Polimark Whipped Cream until you get hard cream and combine it with the cooled chocholate cream. The cooked crust cut in half and stack in order: crust – fill – crust.
Mix 500ml Polimark Whipped Cream and cover the cake.
Let it cool in the fridge for at least an hour before serving.

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