•   For dough:
  •   200g of white flour
  •   200g of sharp flour
  •   20g of fresh yeast
  •   200ml hot water
  •   1 teaspoon of sugar
  •   So

  •   For filling:
  •   150g Polimark Mustard Fini
  •   150g of chicken fillet
  •   cheese in sheets
  •   30g of olive oil


Pour hot water into the bowl, add sugar and melt yeast. Stir well, cover the bowl and leave a few minutes for the yeast to rise. Mix both types of flour, season with salt and add the yeast. Mix with a spoon, and then knead a smooth dough with your palms. Place the dough in a larger bowl, cover and leave for about 45 minutes to rise.

Sprinkle the workpiece with flour, transfer the dough and lightly stretch it with a roller. With a round 8cm mold, take out the focaccinas. Place the focaccinas on the plate in which you put the baking sheet. Each focaccina coat with olive oil, Polimark Mustard Fini and sprinkle with chicken fillet and cheese. Heat the oven to 200 °C and bake focaccinas for about 15 minutes.

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