•   1kg of trout fillet
  •   500ml Polimark Tomatino Oregano Basil
  •   2dl olive oil
  •   100g of black olives
  •   3 garlic cloves
  •   Rosemary
  •   Thyme
  •   Salt and pepper


Mix crushed spices, Rosemary, Thyme, salt and pepper, and coat the trout fillets. Sprinkle with olive oil and leave fillets to stay in marinade overnight. Clean the garlic, cut him to small pieces and cut the olives into small rings. Preheat the oil and fry onions taking care not to get darken, add olives and Polimark Tomatino Oregano Basil, season with salt and pepper and cook for a few minutes.

Remove the trout fillets out of marinade, put them in a refractory casserole, add tomato sauce, cover with alu-foil and bake the fish in the oven. Finished trout fillets should be served warm with an optional side dish.

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